searching for a creative mind

I am just a man

who is old and alone

my health is not good

and always at home

no friends to play with 

no courage to go out

no money to spend

without a doubt

I search for inspiration

to watch and to smoke

to sit on the sidelines

my cock i will stroke

verbally express your thoughts

without any lies

tell me your truths

for me to eye

With one finger

With one finger

With one finger i place upon your lips,
You begin to suck because you can’t resist…
I know your weakness and it pleases me so,
Your pulse will race and your blood will boil…
I will pleasure you with just my words of touch,
And all the while i want you as much…
To my knees, i will stare at my king…
As i will savor, all of your flavor…
Never taking your eyes off me,
I will drive your body to insanity…
With every suck and every lick,
It pleases you when i choke on it…
With blinding excitement you want to faint,
But you would never miss a minute of what i paint…
Oh how your body shakes and pleads,
For now you have planted your seed.
You want to speak but can only whisper,
For now i have shown a more passionate picture…

Jeannie | Samarel erotic art

In the dark

July 25, 2014

Woman masturbating

I feel your hands

You touch me gently

I can no longer stand

With every kiss

And those supple lips

You take my breath away

I beg for more

I beg you to stay

When you’re not here

I touch myself there

I feel your fingers

Through my hair

I begin to swell

Only you can tell

My nipples harden

In the darkness

I’m hot as hell

Only in the dark

Do I feel this way

I would never know

You during the day

Take me ~

Woman riding man

Soft lips part
Sweet desire
Flame smoldering
Quick little breaths
Taste of you
Melding together
As if intended
Two pieces
Of a puzzle
Complementary necessary
Feeding at love’s buffet
Sinful gluttony
Desire builds
Numb the pain
Fire within
Burns without end
Falling, lost in a sea
Of passion
Writhing as if serpents
Intertwined by fate
Don’t hesitate
I’m here
Take me


The art of making love by Samarel

I wish for the touch of your fingers

I wish for the touch of your fingers
touching me gently, caressing my curves
playing me like an instrument … a piano or
strumming your fingers on me like your guitar

I wish for your mouth to meet mine
kissing me deeply, passionately … softly
exploring my body as you would play the
ivory keys, strings and sweeping sounds 
using your fingers and your mouth to
feed upon me

I can still feel you
I awaken with pleasure
your fingers tracing the imperfections 
of childbirth, years older …
You feel them, while tracing gently beneath your tips
and kiss them making them appear perfect

Finding your way to my breasts, nipples erect
my hand in my mouth to teethe on as I moan

I wish, I dream
I long for your touch
I close my eyes just to see you
to feel you
you are my everlasting dream ~

Samarel erotic art and adult fantasies